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The Days at the End of the Week, or The Weekend

Well this weekend was truly my best weekend so far in college. It really reminded me of why college is so great, and why it can be worth it to go to college. This weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Framing the Global conference held right here at Indiana University Bloomington. I was the only undergraduate student, and mind you I am a freshman, among the many professors and researchers and few graduate students from all around the world. This conference was part of the project called ‘Framing the Global’ which seeks to support scholarly research and publication that will develop and disseminate new knowledge, approaches, and methods in the field of global research. Everyone was amazed at how I was a freshman attending the conference. I got to talk to some interesting professors and made some great connections. It was a great learning experience. I went because I am curious about the global world and I am an anthropology major. I want to find what exactly I want to do with my anthropology degree after I graduate. Exploring such things could also help me find other things that I am also interested in or passionate about.

Another magnificent event I had the opportunity to attend was this year’s Bloomington Lotus Festival which is a cultural music and art festival. It is a big event here in Bloomington that has been going on for 20 years. It started with the kick off concert that I went to on Thursday night, and it was truly an amazing concert. I have never bonded with so many strangers like I did that night, but that’s the power of music for you. Every band was just so awesome and kept everyone dancing all not long (yes I danced, I know it’s not like me, but again the power of music). Then I spent almost everyday this weekend at Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse. If ever you visit Bloomington, I highly recommend going there. Great food, great service, and a great environment. Saturday I smoked a cigar for the first time, it’s the only thing I have ever smoked. I can’t say I am eager to do it again. It felt weird just because it was hard for me to remember that I am legally aloud to do that. However I will never smoke a cigarette or anythings else (too disgusting). Saturday I went to go watch the Lotus Festival Parade, but I didn’t get to watch it. I didn’t get to watch it because I was in it. Yea that’s right, I was drafted to be in the parade. Me and two of my friends got in this costume and danced in the parade. That was an experience like no other. I concluded my weekend (today) with a wonderful rainy day, church, homework, and cleaning. I great end to a great weekend.

Quote for the reader: ‘If ever faced with a challenge, challenge the force against you even greater.’- My best friend.

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First Week of Classes

So my first week of classes are over, and due to labour day I don’t have classes tomorrow! IU (Indiana University) Bloomington is such an awesome place. The campus is great, the town is great, and the people are great. I live in the best dorm ever, Collins Living & Learning Centre, in the best hall ever, Cravens, the only disadvantage is the no air conditioning, but we’re making it work. Two windows and two fans, keeps the room pretty cool. I have the best roommate ever. I know that sounds generic, biased, and unoriginal, but it’s true. My roommate and I are the best fit. The other people on my floor are awesome as well. The few people that my roommate and I hang out with have compared ourselves to the characters from the shows Friends and Seinfeld. I’m Chandler/George, and my roommate is Joey/Jerry.

My classes are pretty cool as well. I didn’t have trouble finding them which is great. They’re nicely spaced and aren’t that long, except my psychology class but you don’t even notice how long it is because it’s so interesting and the professor is so engaging. My math is simple so far. I didn’t realise how much finite would be like IB math, though I hate doing homework online. My French class is the same, all homework is online and we have homework every night. The worst part is my French teacher doesn’t have a good accent, but I guess I learn to survive the class. Well I’ve rambled on a lot. What was your college life like? What was your first week like? What tips or advice to you have? I would love feedback and comments from college graduates, or those in college.

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