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At my Open House

My open house yesterday was absolutely fantastic. Though when this kid walked it my heart swelled with joy. He’s been one of my best friends for many years now. He’s like a brother to me though unfortunately we never actually hung out with each other outside of school, my open house was the first time. This picture is also the first and only picture of the pair of us. However I know that because of our strong friendship we will have time to take more in the future. He has truly been a blessing in my life and I am thankful to have met this kid. I’m gonna miss him while I’m gone.


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Where the River Meets the Sea

Julian Hoffman

The lone and level sands stretch far away.
– Percy Bysshe Shelley, from ‘Ozymandias’

Where the River Meets the Sea

Only the evening before, a friend had warned me about the shifting sands of the estuary should I try to get close to the stone, confessing her own driven desire to seek out the totems and talismans of the landscape as we spoke. Off the coast of the Isle of Grain, the London Stone at Yantlet Creek had intrigued me from the moment I first read of it. It was one of the evocative boundary markers on the Thames that had delineated the jurisdiction of the City of London in former times. The stone stands where the river meets the sea, and is exposed on the shining mud flats when the Thames retreats. But being far from a specialist when it comes to the tides that envelop the estuary, and even less of one with regard to the strange alchemy of silt…

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Orientation at IU Bloomington

Orientation was a blast! I can’t wait to start school in the fall. IU is just such a fun place filled with fantastic people and so many opportunities to learn. There is so much to learn, do, and eat. The people I hung out were awesome one of which I’ll be living with in the fall and another who is my best friend. I know wee are going to have the time of our lives and learn so much. I hope be involved in things like I was in high school , which by the way I went back to Ben Davis and already the place was foreign to me. I hope to make a difference at IU. My class schedule is so awesome I’m so excited to start. To all my friends going to IU who haven’t gone to orientation it will be a blast, but beware of Lois. To all my other friends I wish you the very best.


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I am ready for tomorrow’s Pomp & Circumstance.


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New Beginnings

So today was my last day of high school and Saturday is my graduation. The past thirteen years of my life have been filled with so much joy and happiness. I’ve done so much and seen so much. It’s been an exciting adventure and I’ve met some really cool people along the way. I will never forget then and the fun times we had. I want to thank my theatre family, orchestra family, and my IB family. I want to give a special thanks to my best friends. All these people have really made an impact on my life and I don’t know how I would have survived high school without them. I’ve been so blessed to go to a school with such diversity and wonderful people. I know I’ll be seeing a lot of these people in the future and I plan on staying in touch with the ones that I don’t. Now that high school is over it’s time to begging a new journey. This is not the end for me just simply a new beginning. I will meet many new people and experience so much more but I will never forget where I came from and the people that have impacted me in some way. To all other students in the class of 2013 I hope you’ve enjoyed your years thus far and that in the years to come you live your dreams and make an impact on the world. Godspeed class of 2013, I love you all.

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