IU Red Carpet Day

Met my college roommate in person yesterday at IU. I can’t wait until school starts in the fall. Only four months until I’m out on my own living the college life.


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3 thoughts on “IU Red Carpet Day

  1. Dr.,

    Don’t wish it away too quickly. lol
    I’m almost 50 (this year) and man it goes way too quickly.
    You’re going to have fun. Just keep making the good, healthy choices you’ve been making.
    You’re on the right track and you know haters come out from under the rocks when you’re trying to do right.

    Keep your chin up my friend,

    Mrs. Rita
    ….mom of many not my own.
    Gods Homies

    • Thanks after tonight actually I realise how better sweet it is. I wanna move on but yet so many great experiences I’ve had have been in high school and in rely going to miss it.

  2. Aw.
    Yea, I remember those days. lol
    Keep your chin up, there are better days ahead for you.
    You were made for such a time as this. NOW is the time for you to
    get out there, put one foot in front of the other and move forward.
    No drugs, put the girls ‘on hold’ for a bit and focus.
    Stay fixed on the things you know will build your family.
    You will miss it, now the real challenges come.


    Many of ‘the kids’, now young adults have said the same thing. I want to encourage you to work quickly toward those goals.
    Work like you don’t have but a week to do it (whatever it is) work hard and fast. Don’t look back.

    Just visit ‘our’ site it’s still in the process. One of the kids added some ‘thoughts’ recently. You might understand better than I do. You might be able to encourage as well.

    …..mom of many not my own. Love some of them as if they were mine though. (I’m the one in the middle)

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