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Pep Rally


That was me a week ago after a pep rally at school. Scary picture I know.

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I apologize in advance for not taking pictures, we weren’t allowed to have any technology this weekend, but it was a fantastic weekend. I got to see a lot of my old friends and make a lot of new friends. It seems that the name The Doctor is getting around the city now. I got to practice my archery skill once more, man it took a lot of warming up, it’s been awhile since I have fired an arrow. I played an awesome new game that has seem to have injured be. It is a very intense game called GaGa Ball. I am not sure of the origin of the game but it is a very intense game, I encourage you all to look it up. All in all this weekend was just too much fun. It sad however because this is my last year going on this trip unless I decide to volunteer as a chaperon, which I just might do. Well that is all for now citizens of the universe. I hope you all enjoy your day no matter what time it is where ever you are.  

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Visiting Indianapolis

Ok yes I live in Indianapolis, but yesterday me and my two really great friends, Benito and Dallas, went downtown yesterday and had the time of our lives. First we did the ultimate challenge. We went to the monument on the circle and instead of paying 4 dollars to go all the way to the top, we took the stairs. We ran up 330 steps which is 42 flights of stairs. We barely beat the elevator. The view was amazing. We then ran all the way back down but this time we beat the elevator. That was one of the biggest workouts of my life, so we treated ourselves to ice cream immediately after. Then we wondered the mall walking into various mens clothing stores just ‘window shopping’. We had some fun on the escalators as well. We walked the canal and watched a wedding then walked all over the city. After all of our running around in the city we went to Benito’s house and at lasagna and watched the movie Balto. Yesterday was just too much fun.

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